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Why lie?

When I first saw Kim Kardshian come down the red carpet at last night’s Met Costume Gala, I thought she looked crazy.

I wondered why she had on gloves and why her entire outfit looked like they cut up a Spring/Summer 2013 floral hoodie from Supreme. Then the unthinkable happened…the outfit grew on me.

Let’s look at the facts. 

Kim is about ready to pop. Kanye got in there and looks like he made twins, but I digress. 

Sure, she could have worn something a bit more flowing and “appropriate” for a pregnant woman, but excuse me, I thought we were at the Met Costume Gala. If there’s one time it’s OK to wear something like this, it would be at the Met Gala when the theme is “PUNK: Chaos To Couture.” 

Also, ugly don’t come cheap. I found myself thinking about Kim’s dress like a pug. Sure it’s “ugly” by regular dog standards, but if you find a pug that doesn’t melt your heart, we probably can’t be friends. 

Kim was wearing custom Givenchy Couture by Riccardo Tisci. I challenge you to find one other pregnant woman who can say they’ve done that. Sure, just because it’s Givenchy doesn’t mean it’s good, but in this case I genuinely think it is. The length of the train was just right, the gloves were sewn onto the dress, and some of you may not have noticed, but so was the collar. As a co-chair for the evening, Riccardo wouldn’t attach his name to something he didn’t believe in…

The dress also showed off a lot of leg, but so what?! She’s pregnant and her legs still looked smooth and dare I say – sexy.

Don’t hate. 

There are a ton of you who wish your baby mother looked this good two months before she was supposed to give birth.

Sure I’ve heard the jokes. “She looks like a floral whale” and “she looks like my grandmother’s couch,” but remember, your grandmother bought that couch for a reason. 

Let’s be clear though, I don’t want to make excuses for Kim. She could have worn something more suitable for her body, but at the end of the day, 90 percent of the women who hit the red carpet last night wouldn’t dress like that on any other red carpet, so why are we singling Kim out? Let her live. 

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