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Evelyn Lozada’s name was brought to fame as the Puerto Rican spitfire on Vh1’s Basketball Wives. She was known for her short temper and catchy one-liners, but much about Ev’s life outside of the reality realm wasn’t known… that was until her highly publicized domestic violence dispute with new husband Chad Johnson, which landed Evelyn in the hospital and on every major news outlet’s headline. 

Some defended her, and others chastised her, but one person that stood by her side was her daughter Shaniece. 

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Rolling Out magazine capitalized on the opportunity to get the two beauties on one cover as they snapped the mother and daughter duo. 

Here are 5 things we learned from the interview with Evelyn and lovely Shaniece below. 

1. Shaniece is proud of her mother for leaving Chad, but wasn’t always sure if Ev would call it quits. She told the magazine: 

When she left her domestic abuse relationship, I was really proud of her. I felt like she stood up for herself, and I think that she set a good example for other women. I knew that she had it in her, but I don’t think that everyone else did, so I’m really proud of her for that.[…] Yeah, she knows … and we’ve been together since then.”

2. Ev and her daughter were inseparable for the months following the domestic dispute, Evelyn explains: 

We were literally together for eight months since that happened [crying] … I even slept with her. After everything happened, and my life was upside down, it was tough because I had to live all of that out in the public … everybody had an opinion, and even now I’m sure there will be some people who say “b—-, you’re still crying over that?” … but she went through that with me from the beginning. She went to the hospital with me.”

3. It was pure coincidence that Shaniece was in town during the time of the altercation, she tells the magazine: 

“It was crazy, because I wasn’t even supposed to be there. I was living in L.A. and she was living in Miami, and I just happened to be there when it happened.”

4. Evelyn says she was “humiliated” that her daughter had to see her in such a state: 

“She was on vacation, and she was home when the situation happened, and it was very humiliating for me to have her see me like that. It was probably one of the biggest low points of my life — especially because I’m so protective of her. I’m mom, and I’m supposed to be strong, so it was hard to have her see me like that … so we were literally connected at the hip from that point on.”

5. Domestic things aside, Evelyn lets it be known that she does keep a watchful eye on her daughter: 

Yes, I do stalk her Instagram. And yes, she’s about to be 20, but I am still her mother. So even when she did the Future video shoot, which was the first shoot that she ever did, I was there the entire 11 hours just to make sure that she was treated like a lady and with respect. So yes, even though I am away, I always try to make sure that I am in the know, because I am very protective of her.”

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