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We’re really loving this whole “Beyonce on social media” thing, because who can really give us better insight on all things Beyonce than Beyonce – or her PR people who presumably run the social sites?


The latest gem brought to us by Beyonce was a behind the scenes look at the original sketch of her Givenchy MET Gala dress designed by Ricardo Tisci. 

The sketch is pretty close to everything that stood out about the dress on the red carpet: the illusion of bustling flames, the punk-touch of a perforated belt, and of course, the infamous thigh-high flame boot. But one thing that stands out to us is the fact that the dress went from being a bandeau-top with minimal mid-section coverage and separate bottom sans gloves; to becoming a one piece with a corseted top and full belly coverage. 

While we can say that Beyonce looked stunning on the red carpet in the much talked about fit, the change in design does fuel some baby rumors that have been finding their way onto the web.

But as we all know, when it comes to fashion, things can change in the stages from sketching to fittings and the actual red carpet execution of a look. 

Hiding a baby bump or not, Beyonce sure looked like a spectacular baddie on the red carpet.