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Yesterday when Angelina Jolie announced she had a double mastectomy to avoid getting breast cancer because of a faulty gene, which pretty much guaranteed she would get it, a lot of us were dumbfounded. Where did this all come from? 

We admire Angelina Jolie for her bravery and also feel humbled about the reality that is breast cancer.

One of the most touching points in the op-ed, in my opinion, was the support system she has in the form of Brad Pitt.

Throughout the three months of different surgeries she went through, Brad was always there by her side, making her laugh, and reminding her why she went through all of this to begin with – so she can stay alive, for as long as possible, to be with her family.

So, with all this heavy stuff, why not find the light, happy side of it?

Here we have photo proof that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have one of the most adorable relationships of all time.


She clearly likes to look at him [as do we.]

And he likes to look at her, too.

And they like to look at each other.

And their kids.

And their body language…

It looks like true love really does exist.