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Amanda Bynes has been arrested [that’s her mugshot above.]

The former Nickelodeon star was taken into custody for possession of pot and reckless endangerment. Law enforcement found weed when they responded to a disorderly persons report at Amanda’s NYC apartment

TMZ reports:

Police were called because the troubled actress was behaving erratically … doing things like talking to herself.

We’re told Amanda went ballistic when officers arrived — kicking and screaming during the arrest, and yelling … “Don’t you know who I am?”

Our law enforcement sources say she’s been booked for criminal possession of the pot, as well as reckless endangerment and felony tampering with evidence.

The gossip website reports Amanda received the tampering charge when she threw her bong out of a window. According to TMZ, Amanda claimed that it wasn’t actually a bong, but something else instead:

Amanda told the judge the bong cops say she threw out of her apartment window last night was “just a vase.” 

Amanda’s downward spiral is becoming sadder everyday. Remember, cops were called to Amanda’s apartment last month after a publicist told them she needed help and feared for her well-being.

Amanda made her way to court this morning for last night’s arrest:

She looked like this:

After her court appearance she made her way into a taxi before heading home:

Here are her court papers:

Ironically, before Amanda was arrested, her parents Rick and Lynn Bynes met with lawyers in order to get a conservatorship on their daughter. 

Radar Online reports that getting a conservatorship is difficult and being on drugs and mentally unstable is usually not enough. A spokesperson for the NYPD revealed that Amanda’s parents are heartbroken over recent events.

“This latest arrest has broken their hearts and they are sick with worry,” the insider said, “but there is nothing they can do under the law.”

SOURCE: TMZ & Radar Online | Photo Credit: Splash