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Thirst traps beware! 

In honor of Thirsty Thursday, we’re tracking down and exposing the biggest thirst traps on the internet. For those of you at home asking yourselves what the hell a thirst trap is, let me break it down for you. 

Thirst Trap:

n., 1. A photo meant to attract attention, “likes,” and/or comments.

2. Suggestive photos posted to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter.

Thirst trap of the week goes to you, Karrine Steffans. We ain’t mad at you, girl. If you’ve got it, flaunt it and you’ve definitely got it! Keep the nearly naked selfies coming.

“…but I’ll be bad to you…”

“Missing you.”

“Scale says I lost over 5 pounds. Trying to figure out from where…”

“This is how I feel…”

“Feeling like I wanna…”

“Day 2 of 30-Day Squat Challenge. Will start my 2-a-day workouts tomorrow after a 3 week break. Miami, I’m coming.”

“My thighs are so friggin’ fat, I cut myself with god knows what and didn’t even feel it. Smh. I need someone to work me out!”

Photo credit: Instagram