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Ah, Sex and the City; you’ve raised us up from adolescent girls without a clue how to navigate lunchroom romances, to women who still have no idea how to manage this thing called romance. But you’ve taught us that it’s OK not to have it all when it comes to relationships, because our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with, right? Right. 

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 15 years since we were introduced to Carrie Bradshaw in all her curly haired, rent-stabilized glory, navigating the city streets in her nipple-exposing pink shirt and ruffled skirt, but it has been; you’re old. 

Alas, nearly 24 boyfriends later, Carrie found her Mr. Big; but not before a few too many pairs of Manolos, a couple of rounds of thrift shopping, and of course, a change in the television fashion game forever. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013, marks the 15th anniversary since the show broke records as 3.7 million viewers tuned in to HBO on that faithful night in 1998. We’ve learned so much since then about love, life, cliché article ledes and most of all, fashion. Here are 15 style lessons we learned from Sex and the City. 

1. It is absolutely possible to wear a fur, a sequin hat, heels and your pajamas in the snow if your mission is to save your best friend from loneliness on New Year’s Eve.

2. Age is age and you can rock anything you want as long as you have confidence behind it. 

3. And you damn well better not let society have an input on your fashion sense; be liberated! 

4. A wedding dress is not about the price, it is about the meaning. 

5. And sometimes it’s OK to just try it on for shits and giggles. 

6. You can wear pearls to bed if you want to impress your man…and/or choke in your sleep. 

7. All black everything is always the answer when you have nothing else to wear, and even if everyone else shows up in black, you’ll all look like widows, instead of a girl band. And nobody messes with widows.

8. Always dress like you’re going to run into your ex…or else. 

9. There is nothing wrong with keeping dresses longer than you keep boyfriends…

10. Because every single closet cleaning session should look like this:

11. And you can layer all the ridic things you didn’t toss and wear them to a Yankee game. 

12. This is the correct way to shop for undergarments:

13. In some cultures, mustaches on women are beautiful…but not in ours, so wax that shit. 

14. And it is NOT just a bag…

15. All is well that ends with shoes…Manolos to be specific. 

Thank you ladies for teaching us the lessons we needed to know to navigate through this thing called life with a TV attitude.