UPDATE 6/8/13 5:30PM EST

The Santa Monica Police have released more details about the shooting in Santa Monica yesterday.  The Los Angeles Times reports that the gunman is John Zawahri, a man in his 20’s, who might have been upset with over his parents divorce and who had previous mental health issues.  He was once a student at Santa Monice College. Police also said that the suspect was carrying 1300 rounds of ammo and fired over 70 rounds inside the library, where he was eventually killed by police.

Below is a picture of the gunman walking into the library at Santa Monica College:


UPDATE 6/8/13 10:21 AM EST

Santa Monica Police Sergeant Richard Lewis confirmed during an 8:20 p.m. PST press conference, five people — including the gunman — are dead after a shooting rampage that began at a residence and ended on campus.

Several people are being treated for their wounds; one was critically wounded, one is in serious but stable condition and three had minor injuries.

According to CNN:

The shooter began his rampage at a residence near the campus of Santa Monica College, opening fire in a house, where police later found two bodies. He then shot at a passing car before carjacking another vehicle, Lewis said. He forced the driver, a woman, to drive onto the college campus. There he shot two people in a passing vehicle. One died at the scene. The gunman also fatally shot someone outside the campus library, where he engaged police in a gunfight, Lewis said. Officers fatally wounded him.



Authorities have confirmed that seven are dead, including the shooter.  The first two victims in the burned house are believed to be the shooter’s father and brother.  Police say that some victims were random and some were not random. Also, police are saying that the shooter used an AR-15, the same weapon used in Aurora and Newtown.  Below is a photo of what is believed is the deceased body of the shooter at the campus of Santa Monica College.

PHOTO SOURCE: @Daniel_Kraft


Authorities are confirming three deaths in the Santa Monica shooting and fire. A woman died at UCLA, according to the hospital staff. 

Two other bodies, both males,  were found in the burned-out home near the shooting.



There was another shooting just 8 blocks from Santa Monica College along with a major fire in a home.  KTLA confirms that this shooting and fire is related to the shooting at Santa Monica College. Here is are two graphic videos of the woman who was shot in the car and the fire:

SOURCE:  @reidspeed



The suspect was found in the school’s library and taken into custody. The extent of the injuries were not immediately known, according to the sources.

Here, you can see bullet holes in the side of a bus in Santa Monica.

All colleges in the area are on lockdown.


A shooting at Santa Monica College has left three people wounded. 

President Barack Obama is in Santa Monica speaking at a luncheon fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee. It’s not known if the shooting is related to his presence in the city.

According to CBS, one suspect is down.

A man was reportedly shooting at cars just after noon. According to reports, a worker on campus heard dozens of gunshots and saw students, who are taking final exams on the campus this week, scrambling for safety.

Calif Highway Patrol said that a “fully-armed” male w/ several guns opened fire on vehicles near Santa Monica College — reported at 11:55 am.

Secret service was notified. The campus is on lockdown.


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