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Man Of Steel is just days away from its box office release, and we couldn’t be more excited!

GlobalGrind sat down with the cast and crew of the film for a round table interview, where we got some uh…juicy details on what we think might have been Russell Crowe’s worst day ever.

No one ever said acting was an easy job. You’re forced to work long, irregular hours, are constantly away from your home and loved ones, oh…and you might just get pooped on.

Yup, you read that right. 

When asked how his experience as a real father helped him play a father on set, Russell Crowe, who plays Superman’s dad Jor-El, filled us in on his most interesting experience as a father in Man Of Steel.

“I had a very interesting experience being a father on this movie,” Crowe said. “I think (director) Zack (Snyder) employed four babies as the recently born Kal-El and, unlike in my own experience as a father of two, I’ve managed to dodge all the piss and the poo. But on this movie, I got farted on first. That was OK. Pissed on. That was a little inconvenient. Then it happened under those hot lights. It was after lunch, to be expected. I got a handful of the essential Kryptonian material.”

Yuck! Fortunately for us, all the poop went down behind the scenes.

Clear your schedules and make sure you get your tickets to see Man Of Steel in theaters June 14.

Photo credit: Wenn.