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Miley Cyrus has turned into an edgy, hip-hop loving twerk monster and we loooove her for it!

But as we are all aware, she wasn’t always this way…

Just a few years ago – before Miley began her infamous transition into ratchetville – she was known as Destiny Hope Ray, the twinkling Disney star who had never even heard a Jay-Z song, let alone twerked before.

She’s changed a lot; more than people realize.

So for Flashback Friday, we think you’ll be a little bit surprised at her humble beginnings.

Miley Cyrus was born Destiny Hope Ray and was raised on a 500-acre farm in the suburb of Franklin, Tennessee…

She was raised as a Christian, was baptized, and even wore a purity ring – meaning she’d remain a virgin until marriage.

She wore her hair long, wavy, and brown… she always smiled for the paparazzi, so much that her parents nicknamed her “Smiley.”

Like her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, Smiley Destiny wanted to be an entertainer and soon drove the public crazy with her role as Disney’s Hannah Montana.

Being Hannah Montana was going great for Destiny… also known as Smiley.. soon to be cut down to Miley..

She never bent the rules. She was a good girl…

Then one day, the happy-go-lucky Disney star was caught smoking salvia… And EVERYTHING changed.

Flowing, flowery, bedazzled dresses like these just no longer fit her image… 

She dropped the good girl act… 

Smiley cut her brown locks off and went bad bish blonde! This was definitely the beginning..

With her new and refreshed look, the world was instantly obsessed. 

We can’t lie – she started murdering red carpets!

We loved everything she wore.

EVERYTHING. Miley was stuntin’!

Then she learned to twerk… and her transformation was complete.

In the blink of an eye, she went from Destiny Hope…with the purity ring…

To Twerk Sumn’, roll one up, Bad Bish Miley! Now that’s a flashback.

Photo Credit: GETTY/Instagram/TMZ

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