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Apparently, Adam Lanza was quite the editor.

The Hartford Courant reports that authorities have linked the username Kaynbred to a seventeen-year-old Lanza. His internet activity, which investigation has placed in a time frame from April 2009 to February 2010, reveals his affinity for guns, serial killers, and mass murder.

Adam took it upon himself to fix many Wikipedia posts and engage in virtual conversation on the subjects. 

One of his most in-depth article examinations was the 1988 massacre at ESL, Inc. a technology company in California. He revised it at least four separate times, and took care to pay close attention to detail. Lanza seemed to have taken the account to heart, as the Sandy Hook shooting was eerily similar to ESL.

Though the media portrayed Lanza as a loner, he was very comfortable communicating in online chat rooms.

The Courant reports:

The poster seems engaged with others online and is often helpful when comfortable with the topic, such as suggesting a particular firearm for someone in the chat room who said he was 18 and looking for a rifle as a gift.


The poster appears to be part of a video gaming “clan,” communicating with the others through in February 2010. At one point, some fellow gamers appear to be lamenting the departure of the poster, and of others, from the clan.

“I know,” said one person in March 2010, referring to the poster believed to be Lanza and two others. They “set the clan apart from all other clans.”

Another poster said, “Same. It’s just not the same without them.”

Below are snapshots of his cyber world.

 Mainly those regarding mass murders, serial killers, and shooters.

He spent lots of time commenting on gun websites, asking questions about the nuances of different firearms and regarding the legality of owning them.

Virtual shooting interested him; he often played the Korean first-person shooter game called “Combat Arms.”

In Kaynbred’s last known internet post he asked, “has a commercial .25 ACP rifle ever been produced?”

SOURCE: buzzfeed