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Am I the only one who had been counting down the days until last night’s Jersey Shore premiere? I had high expectations, and although nothing too outrageous happened, I was left completely satisfied, already anxious for next week’s episode.

Snooki and JWoww and The Situation and Pauly D roadtripping down to Miami was pure genius. Everything from Snooki eating fried pickles somewhere in Georgia and claiming it was “a life changing experience” to Mike and Pauly D getting their Escalade stuck in the mud while setting off fireworks somewhere in South Carolina for no reason at all is what makes the Jersey Shore such a guilty pleasure. You can’t write this sh*t.

It seems as though Angelina “I carry my luggage in trash bags” who is trying to squeeze in her 15 minutes of fame while she can, has finally upgraded to real luggage but is nevertheless still unwelcome by most of the cast members. They haven’t even been in the house one night and there’s already enough drama to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Check out GG’s favorite moments from last night’s season premiere!



The Taxi Fight-Everything in this scene was perfect. You really can’t write this stuff…

As JWoww and Snooki try to comfort Sammi who was upset over Ronnie, Angelina jumps into the conversation from the back seat saying:

‘Oh wait, wait, wait, are you guys talking about guys right now? Oh yeah, that’s why everybody’s being an [expletive] to me, because of why I left. Before. Thank you. Not you, Sammi. Well, actually, no. I’ll put you in the same category.’

Ummmm, not sure if that even makes sense, but let’s just take it for what it is.

JWoww fought back by telling Angelina she must know what trash is being that she’s from Staten Island and Snooki chimed in with ‘you’re a white rat!…you’re trashy and pale!’ Is being pale that much of an insult? Just another reason to love this show.



We learn in one of the first scenes of the episode that apparently Vinny’s uncles want Vinny to go down to Miami and “bang everything”.

“Ronnie’s obliviated at this point”-Vinny…can someone please look up that word for me?


The Situation