Sean Kingston‘s accident passenger, Cassandra Sanchez spoke with TMZ about the accident that almost left her long time friend, dead. She recalls “[Sean] was coughing up blood, foam and pink stuff.” While he is in the hospital, Cassandra is doing OK.  Since the accident she has been on Twitter giving updates on her condition and […]


This week’s performance photos catch some great musicians in some amazing poses. Sometimes these artists get so into a song or the crowd and a photographer catches just the right moment, making for This week’s performance photos catch some great musicians in some amazing poses. Sometimes these artists get so into a song or the […]

Music played live can be the most emotionally-effective form of performance on the planet. It is due to this that the lip-synching question has to be raised. Here in the UK every week on the X Factor there are 2-3 guest acts, such acts to grace the stage this season have been Nicole Sherzinger, Justin […]

I must say that I was amazed when I woke up Tuesday morning and the Republicans had taken over the House of Representatives.  I was aware of the new so-called ‘tea party’ but I never took then seriously, I mean really they sounded like a bunch of racist idiots who were back minded venom mouth […]

We’ve all seen the GQ photoshoot with Glee’s resident hotties, Cory Monteith, Diana Agron andLea Michele. Sure they might have been a little racy, but honestly, was it any worse than any other magazine spreads we’ve seen? The Parents Television Council seems to think so. ‘It is disturbing that GQ, which is explicitly written for […]

This fall, TV is going to be extremely interesting. With the flurry of series premieres on basic TV alone, sometimes you never really know which show to follow. So instead of focusing on the commerical shows that everyone is watching. We though we’d round up shows that you may not have heard of, and some […]

There is a new Law and Order set in Los Angeles, called Law and Order Los Angeles. This version of Law and Order stars Terrence Howard, Regina Hall, Megan Boone, Skeet Ulrich and a bunch of other amazing actors and actresses. The newest addition to the Law & Order brand, ‘Law & Order: Los Angeles’ […]

Yesterday was the season premiere of Glee. I am a big Glee fan. The first episode was entertaining from beginning to end with an introduction of some new and interesting characters that will surely add dynamic dimension to the show. Sunny is a new superstar soloist and exchange student from the Philippines that will rival […]

  Although there are many changes going on at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week it is still the most celebrated week in fashion. The Tents have been replaced by the Theater, the Studio and the Box and many fashion houses will send electronic invitations with bar-coded confirmations. Which appears to be the most talked about change and one […]

Am I the only one who had been counting down the days until last night’s Jersey Shore premiere? I had high expectations, and although nothing too outrageous happened, I was left completely satisfied, already anxious for next week’s episode. Snooki and JWoww and The Situation and Pauly D roadtripping down to Miami was pure genius. […]

Season two of The Jersey Shore has not even aired yet, but the cast we love to hate and hate to love have already begun filming the third season. Snooki and J-Woww bonded with the newest addition, Deena Nicole Cortese, as the girls drank coffee, ate lunch and walked around before going for a stroll […]

Reality TV has taken America by storm. For whatever reason, we’re really intrigued by 7 strangers living together, people finding love, people raising copious amounts of children, people running businesses and, our favorite it seems, people fighting. Yes, we love people watching. But what do we love more than people watching? Celebrity watching. When a […]