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I must say that I was amazed when I woke up Tuesday morning and the Republicans had taken over the House of Representatives.  I was aware of the new so-called ‘tea party’ but I never took then seriously, I mean really they sounded like a bunch of racist idiots who were back minded venom mouth American fools.  I mean really, as American’s, black, white, mixed, Asian, Spanish, we have been hearing the tyranny, degrading and racism spoken throughout the years from all kinds of American’s.  In fact if the country wants to be honest – a black man was only allowed to vote, be respected and recognized as a man was in 1964…. I was born that year, so in reality it has been only 46 years since a white American man or woman could even comprehend having a black president, much less having a black man as their boss in the construction or farming field.

Any man or woman who is 65-80 years old cannot forget what the country went through during the Martin Luther King days, President Kennedy or Robert Kennedy’s death and the sure cannot forget Watts or the riots in Washington DC.  Many of these same men and women who grew up during that time are sitting in the House of Representatives; they are still Congressmen, Senators, Governors and men of words.  The idea of taking a directive from a black man – a man who employment opportunities are null-void these are men of color who use to shine your shoes, and the only words they could address you with where ‘yes sir’ or No sire.  Now this man is not only addressed as Mr. President, Honorable Man and the Leader of the Free world he is a BLACK AMERICAN MAN of EDUCATION, KNOWLEDGE of LIFE and above all a MAN OF RESPECT.

A black man excels. Period.  No if and buts about it black people, people or color rock and we perceive at everything we do.  We have be knocked down, really back, pushed deep in the American soil; but we got up cleaned off and pushed on.  Black American athletes prevail in sports they were not allowed to participate in less than 50 years ago.  We created schools and we are now leaders of the entertainment world.  World we were never allowed; a world where we denied our own, tried so hard to ‘look and be’ ‘right and white. 

Well, we know, we know that we can do everything and anything.  What surprises me is the hypocrisy and ignorance ‘white American’s’ believe.  I mean – there is a woman – a respected educated white blood American woman – a ex-candidate fo Vice President and may be President of the United States (Please, no…) – she is an avid hunter a sport of hunting deer, chickens and bulls are listed as one of her favorite sports.  She learned this as a young girl growing up in Alaska.  I do believe she is about 45-50 years old – there were grocery stores than that sold meat.  The USA devotes billions to protect the wildlife in Alaska and or habitat if nature.  America idolizes her.

What’s wrong with this picture? Scared, because they know we will not nor will we ever back down. Perceivable we will … VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!



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