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Raven Symone is one of the coolest women I’ve ever had a conversation with. Last week Raven and myself sat down in the lobby of her hotel for a half hour conversation. During our chat Raven recalled the first time she met Lindsay Lohan. The following is her complete recollection of meeting the troubled Disney star.

‘When I First met Lindsay Lohan, we clicked because we did the fashion shoot together, she was cool. We were the only one what were like: ‘What up girl’, I was like ‘What Up girl…’ I’ll just say I thought she was from Atlanta the way she was proportioned and acted, when normally girls in the industry look a different way. 

I was like ‘Let me find out you’re down’ and she was like ‘Yeah I eat’, and I was like ‘Good for you, uou eat, thats rare!’ And so I was like ‘I know you’re not going to college right now and I’m not going to college so let’s have a roommate experience.’ She was real real cool actually. She became real busy with work, and she never really moved in I just got rent from her for 14 months. 

Pretty cool roommate. Great shoes! She left all her shoes in the house, she like dropped off all of her clothes. I was man! I’m a good roommate because I would have worn them.’

Raven looks at the camera and adds ‘I didn’t wear them Lindsay.’ 

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