Click inside to see all of the artists you can expect to hear on the motion pictures' soundtrack (produced by Metro Boomin), which is set to be released this Friday, June 2!

Coi Leray released her new single “The One” with Sprite’s Limelight program. Watch the music film about her musical journey inside.

Three stacks honors his late parents on these touching tracks featuring James Blake.

James Blake offers up the first visual off his project with the release of "I Need A Forest Fire" featuring Bon Iver.

Yes, from what I know. It may be subject to change. He is onto something, he really is," says James.

James Blake's long-awaited album Radio Silence is well on its way, and according to the UK crooner, it features a song that's 20 minutes long.

First, Frank Ocean, and now James Blake. Looks like all the elusive singers are coming out of their hiding places.

On September 9, tennis star James Blake became the victim of racial profiling after an NYPD police officer mistook him for a criminal, tackled him to the ground, and threw handcuffs on him - all while James was casually texting and standing outside his NYC hotel.


The board substantiated the charge of excessive force against NYPD Officer James Frascatore -- the cop who tackled tennis star James Blake -- and recommended punishment.

Behind a call for greater police accountability following his arrest in a case of mistaken identity, retired tennis star James Blake emerged hopeful and full of praise…


The NYPD union has defended Officer James Frascatore, while James Blake's "twin" reveals he's the brother of a credit card fraud victim.