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I spend a good amount of time talking with the youth.. At colleges, high schools, Boys n Girls Club Community Programs, and unfortunately at detention centers around the U.S.


Because of this I’m looking forward to Obama’s speech this evening addressing the issues they are facing and hearing what his vision is for their future.  

They need encouragement, reinforcement, protection and discipline but most of all love.


I couldn’t be prouder that Obama was elected president during my lifetime.  

The day I volunteered in NH to work the polls I noticed that I was alongside people of all ages, races and backgrounds.  Obama’s movement is all encompassing and his lifes work is a testament to us all that ‘You CAN achieve if you believe’.

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Editor’s Note: Tune in at 4 p.m. ET on Viacom’s CMT, and MTV for ‘A Conversation With The President.’ You can also tweet your questions by using the hashtag ‘ask’ plus any specific issue. For example, you can ask a healthcare related question by adding #askhealthcare