Are you having trouble finding the perfect man? Stop looking because he doesn’t exist! Are you perfect? We all know that men exist like sand on the beach and it’s not like there aren’t enough for everyone. You didn’t find him yet? Of course not because he has to find you! Maybe it’s because you don’t know what you want. How does a man have to be like to be (almost) perfect? Here are the classic answers I commented for you:

The (almost) perfect man hast to be:


Why does he have to look SO good? Can’t you do that? I appreciate men with character, charm and sex appeal. That means ‘good looking’ to me.  


All that he has to understand is YOUR humor and make you smile. Sometimes they make us smile with the most random things like being grumpy in the morning. He doesn’t necessarily have to be a clown!


Do you really want to be with the ‘nice’ guy? 


What’s ‘good in bed’ anyways? We just want that passionate, hot, throw down-Sex and that would be called chemistry. He has to fit you like a glove.

I THINK he should be:


To be honest, sincere, and to really mean it. 


Knowledgeable, witty, or intelligent.


When he’s open-minded and willing to embrace your ideas, he participates in his own self-growth. That raises his level of self-esteem and that decreases his need to always be right. That’s a good point isn’t it?


In whatever he’s doing or wants to be successful at. Even if it’s just loving you! 

Don’t pay too much attention on looks, age, money or other superficial aspects because they really don’t matter at the end. 

My man should be heartful, smart, open minded, successful, charming, sexy and make me smile every day. Expectations can never be too high as long as you can back it up. 😉




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