Dear Ray,

I know that you and I are clear on where we are along this journey together, but I get a lot of questions about us…especially after that reunion show fiasco…and thought it wise to openly express my thoughts and feelings – for clarity’s sake, for honesty’s sake, for peace’s sake.

It is true that we are in different places on so many levels. Yet, there is so much acceptance, understanding, and compassion between us. We share an unshakeable respect for each other’s position along this path of life. For me, it’s because I’ve been where you are. For you, it’s because it’s a place you’re on your way to.

I came on the show for the experience, and left with a sense of freedom I’ve never felt before…the freedom to love with the innocence of a child – against all odds. It was like a crash course in love! The funny thing about reality tv is that the life you lead while on set becomes your “reality”, and once filming ends, reality sets in. For us, that reality is that you love me for what I represent now, and I love you for who you’re destined to be. The blessing for me, though, is that I left there reassured of what I want to create for my true reality!

It goes without saying that growth is a part of life. What is more rarely addressed is the difficulty and challenges that may accompany that growth. It seems to me that whenever you find yourself on the precipice of change, right there in the bottom of the ninth, you’re thrown a curve ball…and it’s usually the same ball we’ve played with for a while, the one we’re comfortable with, the one that feels familiar…and it is very hard to resist hitting it…even if we know its likely we’ll strike out. There’s not a lot in your life and current lifestyle that would push you to change and grow. I get that. But there is something in your spirit that’s calling out to and longing for change. I stand here as a symbol of what that change may look like…once you’re truly ready.

In the meantime, let’s continue to celebrate who we are to each other in this moment.

With….Love…Peace…and Positive Energy (LPPE)


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