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Remember when Nelly Furtado released “I’m Like a Bird” back in 2000? The Canadian singer was like a breath of fresh air! Ten years later she is still making great music. In celebration of her decade in the business, Furtado is releasing a CD of her greatest remixes called “The Best of Nelly Furtado” and will hit stores November 15th.


Speaking about the longevity of her own music Nelly says, “I think it’s a fun thing to celebrate. I’m proud of the fact that ‘Whoa, Nelly!’ came out a full 10 years ago and you can still put it on and it sounds like something that’s on the radio now; at the time we were just kind of making music we felt like listening to, which is what I’ve always done since.”

Check out Nelly Furtado’s new video for her song ‘Fuerte’ on the next page!



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