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His name, those ego’s, her indescribable desire for that trendsetting glam shot on a mainstream blog. The anxiety of becoming a celebrity has consumed society like spoiled milk. Please, give my kindest regards to your infatuations while they support our desires for the smoothest ride to a legendary status. How the hell are ‘celebrity’s’ being born a mile a minute? The pot’s a simmering and Mrs. Narcissism has a fresh batch of her ‘self-righteous soup’ boiling over. Ragged reality show stars run the town now, and the real VIP’s know it. But hopefully the self-righteous soup sippers don’t get too excited, because if nobody watches the sex tape that they’re hoping, praying will turn them famous then bye-bye to all of those next-top-Kardasians.
























And now that there are more then enough of them for us to pick and choose whose reality show we wish to watch, whose album we wanna buy, and whose twitter rants we wish to follow, the real stars are going broke quicker then they dare to know whats really good. Talk about a shift in power! You’ve gotta be kidding me. And don’t forget about the mirages of D-list celebrity’s from these numerous reality shows that have inspired regular folks to perform endless publicity stunts. Things that deliberately screw-up their perfectly moral lives in efforts to make a name for themselves, just like their new idols.

Well, self exaltation lives on in 2010 like never before. Day and night, night and day, the fame obsessed don’t seem to be resting their wanders. Headlined by fabulosity, red carpet photos and those obnoxious, ego-centric social-network status updates splash society’s interest like a stampede. Andy Warhol couldn’t be more of a prophetic genius as we all sit and watch his catchy term stampede into a modern prophecy. Transitions into celeb living looks as if it’s seamless. With society like a fuel guzzling SUV, there’s plenty of gas to go around via the media giving us plethora’s of ways to ‘fill-up’ and support the cause. Twitter heads and Facebook junky’s aren’t always the c

ommon contenders though, glamorous club kids make statements all on their own. I attest, I was once one. Aspiring models, movie stars and and America’s next-top-whatever’s appreciate the artistry of this vain movement. Clueless to the misdemeanor crimes that they’re committing on the mentality of society, these idiotic hordes are using what they ‘think’ they’ve got to get what they ‘wish’ they had. Clearly, were going after more then just our piece of the pie. There’s a new orgasm running this town with hardly any of us getting turned down. Mrs. Narcissism flips us upside down, burns ou