Elaine Davidson, the Guinness world record holder of body piercings, is now married! Her husband is Douglas Watson, a former civil servant, is much less colorful and adorned than his counterpart. Well, you know what they say: opposites attract. The two made it official by tying the knot in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Douglas wore a navy suit, […]

His name, those ego’s, her indescribable desire for that trendsetting glam shot on a mainstream blog. The anxiety of becoming a celebrity has consumed society like spoiled milk. Please, give my kindest regards to your infatuations while they support our desires for the smoothest ride to a legendary status. How the hell are ‘celebrity’s’ being […]

If you haven’t seen Kanye in the news this week, you’re probably in a coma. In which case we hope you’ve hooked up to our feed ‘cos you’ll need to catch up on this. Through the waves of Yeezy’s Tweets and sound offs this week, you will have seen that he’s stated that new album […]


It’s been covered by The Rolling Stones and The Blues Brothers, but the original came from the legendary soul singer Solomon Burke‘s vocal chords. Take a listen while you read on. Burke, 70, died early Sunday of natural causes on a plane from Los Angeles that had touched down at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. Burke was […]

Lady Gaga shared the stage with another eccentric female musician last night in Los Angeles.  The pop superstar made a special appearance at the Orpheum Theater to perform with Yoko Ono and her ‘We Are Plastic Ono Band‘ for a sold out show. Gaga tweeted about her time with the supergroup writing, ”WE ARE PLASTIC […]


Nothing makes me happier than seeing the greatest of all time, LL Cool J, getting nominated to become a member of the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame.   I remember when Todd was just a young, runaway kid who kept sending his demo tape to Rick Rubin’s dorm room. When we first listened to his […]


As an artist, one of the biggest honors you can receive is being inducted into a Hall Of Fame. Something about being enshrined just makes a career look 10x greater.  The longevity and hard work has paid off for hip-hop legends LL Cool J and The Beastie Boys with the announcement that they had been […]

Naturi Naughton was best known as a former member of the R&B/pop group 3LW. After parting ways with the girls, she went on to make a name for herself. And that, she did. She worked on a solo album which featured Lil’ Kim on one of her tracks, titled ‘Real Chicks’. After exploring her creativity […]


It was just a preseason game but it got an 7.7 rating. Last night opened the 2010 Football season with the 2010 Hall of Fame game played yesterday when the Dallas Cowboys faced the Cincinnati Bengals. It wasn’t a great game by any standards, I mean it was a preseason football game. The ratings alone […]


  Cooperstown is tainted and the Basketball Hall of Fame is a joke. The Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH is clearly the best Hall of Fame of all sports. Their 2010 induction ceremony is taking place this weekend. I could easily talk about the egregious snubs that happened recently, but I don’t […]

This Montana Fishburne story is truly sad.  It kind of makes you wonder at what point did making sex tapes give a better chance at fame than a resume?  What confuses me is that sex tapes are made ALL the time, why does Montana Fishburne think taking this route will make her the next Kim […]

We are inescapably drawn to the tragic nature of celebrity status. We mull over the deaths of celebrities like Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, and Michael Jackson, not because we miss their “art” but because we selfishly and maliciously love to be reminded of how these celebrities, no matter how larger than life […]