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Elaine Davidson, the Guinness world record holder of body piercings, is now married! Her husband is Douglas Watson, a former civil servant, is much less colorful and adorned than his counterpart.

Well, you know what they say: opposites attract. The two made it official by tying the knot in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Douglas wore a navy suit, while Elaine donned an elaborate concoction consisting of a unique headdress, face paint and a very fluffy, white, A-line wedding dress.

Brazilian-born Elaine is said to have roughly 6,925 piercings all over her body, genitalia included. By the way, well over 100 of those piercings are in her face.

Check them all out in the next few slides.


The world’s most pierced woman and her beau live it up after their nuptials. 

Elaine and Douglas share a moment in matrimony.


The happy couple look into each other’s eyes.


Elaine Davidson, her piercings, tattoos and other decor, keep people entertained.

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