world’s most pierced woman

Elaine Davidson, the Guinness world record holder of body piercings, is now married! Her husband is Douglas Watson, a former civil servant, is much less colorful and adorned than his counterpart. Well, you know what they say: opposites attract. The two made it official by tying the knot in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Douglas wore a navy suit, […]


You raised us up bro. Rest In Peace.   X


They Get Lite:   with no music:  

I came across this clip the other week. It’s the greatest short film ever made… It’s called ‘The Number To Heaven’ Enjoy.   Touching right?   X


  Governement Name   The name we give the name our parents gave us.   Mostly used amongst us nick name using folk.   When I was young it was serious…   Some one call me by my government…   ‘Yo, u don’t know me like that. Don’t b calling out my government’   And […]