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As I watched the film ‘Hitch’ which seemed to chronicle my life, I remember Will Smith’s character mentioning all he needed was three dates to get his client to the ‘high stakes’ round. I’m not sure if this ’round’ equated to sex BUT in that instance, that’s precisely what I took it to mean. In this country studies have shown that after about three dates we tend to feel a level of comfort that welcomes intercourse with whomever it is that currently has our interest. To us they have proven not to be serial killers but we’re not sure if they are worthy of meeting our parents yet, sex is perfectly fine though.

Not every guy that partakes in three outings is guaranteed a night of pre-marital bliss BUT if we were in Vegas … I’d place my bets. We live in a society where everyone tends to follow the laws of the land yet rarely admit it, I’ve met so many ladies who swore they were the ‘exception to the rule’ that sometimes I thought the rule was the exception. I’ve heard stories of women making men prove how genuine they were in their pursuit by making them wait an undetermined weeks, months, sometimes even years before sharing themselves with one another. After hearing this dating tactic I proposed the question, ‘so any man with the willpower to wait you out is worthy of your body ?!’ My friend was at a loss for words when I asked it not because of my delivery rather the fact she thought she had a clever way of weeding out men who only wanted sex when really she only weeded out the men that wanted fast sex.


By nature men are some of the most competitive creatures to roam this earth. If we can play video games for months until we’ve beaten every level what makes you think when it comes to something as emotionally and physically unparalleled as sex that we wouldn’t be willing to wait while portraying whatever shell of a man you wanted us to be to achieve our desired climax ?!

I’ll leave you with this, sex is on everyone’s mind, the trick is finding out if its the only thing on your partner’s mind, I’m not saying go sleep with every guy that invites you out for drink and see if he calls the next day. Just know that sometimes bad guys come with great packaging and references. With men being a species controlled by instant gratification its quite rare for us to continue a deception after a goal is met so if adding another notch to his belt was his motivation you’ll know 24-72 hours after sex.

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-Darryl Dunings II | Follow Me @DarrylDunningsII