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“That which separates and unites men and nations alike, rests with their basic concern.”

It has been my effort to maintain my focus on the journey of life as opposed to the destination.  And because of that effort, and as a result of that focus, certain truths have manifested truths that may not carry absolute impact for others, but has proven to be absolute for me.

After GOD, the most important thing is family, then others, then GOD again; because as with all considerations, the way something begins is usually how it ends.

My youngest daughter has not only found balance, but has chosen to depict that balance through songs.  Her name is Perri Marie Jones and she is 12 years old. She has decided to chase her dream of becoming a singer.  I will assist her as she begins her journey.  And as her path crosses all the other souls (who seek the invisible that they might attempt the impossible,) I will see you there also.  All of you, who realize the service we extend to others, define the greatness within ourselves.  With GOD first and last, and family the focus, I will see there too.  Those, who understand the seeds that are planted— suggests the beginning, and the tree that springs forth and the fruit it bears—suggests the conclusion. What’s important is “the journey,” what’s important is that “we tend our garden.”


I identify with the idea that once you have children, suicide is no longer an option.  With that means to me, is that once children become part of the equation, in that instance we make a commitment to something far greater than ourselves.  In that instance, we forgo principles and we forgo standards.  We sacrifice the ability to primarily pursue any dreams, desires or ambitions we may have had prior to their existence.  Upon our children we must place our energy, our efforts, and our focus.  Our children are our greatest commodity and should be our most primary concern.

For me, this is an absolute truth.  It is on the strength of this truth, that many years ago, I decided to forgo my presence in the music industry as an artist, and instead grab hold of my family.  Even when my brother Russell offered me a piece of Def Jam, I realized it more important to embark on the journey GOD had presented, although that journey led me in the opposite direction of my dream.  And please believe me, I wanted to stay, I enjoyed being Oran “Juice” Jones, but my inner voice said “go tend your garden,” so I did.

I have 7 children, and I have been completely involved in their lives since conception and will continue to do so, GOD willing, until my death.  I have remained married (20 years) to a woman who has continued to love, honor, and respect me throughout it all; and because of this I wake up every morning feeling blessed.

The struggle of life is ongoing as is the rhythm.  The desire is to find balance between the two.

Oran ‘Juice’ Jones