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Earlier this week we posted some pictures with Drake’s album cover on an airplane. We explained that Sir Richard Branson, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and a few other big names were on the plane with Drake. This was Virgin America’s first international flight and Drake got to fly on it with his face across the windows. While on the plane, Drake got to sit down with an interviewer and discuss a couple of future project as well as things he has going on right now.

One of the last things that Drake discussed with the interviewer was that there could be a possible cameo from Julia Roberts in his next video. Who wouldn’t want the real ‘Pretty Woman’ in the flesh in their video?



Julia Roberts is one of those women you can only dream of being in your video. Julia Roberts is a given when it comes to talking about beautiful women. She is one of those women that you would watch on the screen when you were younger and just hope that you would get the chance to meet her just because you thought your game would be strong enough to get her.

If I had a choice of a leading lady in a video, I would definitely pick an older beautiful woman that hasn’t changed one bit from the first time you saw them on the big screen. If I had to pick I would probably pick these women:



Stacey Dash

Don’t front when you saw her in the movie ‘Clueless’ you was trying to claim it!


Vanessa Williams

She might be getting older but hasn’t aged in any way when it comes to beauty.


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