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So thanks to Sarah Palin and her poster laced with crosshairs of 20 House Democrats from districts around the country, harassment and violence has reared its ugly head on America’s lawmakers  who voted for health care reform. Senators are being harassed and some are being targeted with violence.  Anthony Weiner, Barney Frank, Harry Mitchell and Tom Perriello are all being targeted with threatening phone calls, violence and on the street harassment. What is amazing is that many within the Republican Party aren’t condemning this behavior, except for John Boehner who made a statement on the matter, but other than him I haven’t seen many coming forward. Harassments of ‘baby killer’ and ‘fa**ot’ shouldn’t exist in our country but sadly it does. Here are a couple of headlines you may have missed during the past week.
‘DROP DEAD’: White Powder Package Sent to Rep. Weiner’s Office


Harry Mitchell gets threatening phone calls.


Barney Frank reacts to Homophobic chants

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