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He was an accomplished athlete with a promising future, but a gunshot ended it all. A young man was killed while leaving a club in Detroit; gunned down over a pair of glasses.

Detroit Police say whether they are real or just knock-offs, you can loose your life over Cartier shades.

‘That was my only son. My baby,’ said Rose Ford, the victim’s mother.

Ford loved her son more than life itself. 20-year-old Darryle Miller, Junior was a Northwestern High School basketball standout turned college star. He had just transferred to Georgetown University on a basketball scholarship.

Miller was leaving a Detroit nightclub early Sunday morning. That is when Ford says her son was shot in the back. It was over a $2,400 pair of sunglasses that he refused to give up.

Miller had worked to pay for the Cartier shades and the killer took them after pulling the trigger.

‘I never thought in a million years… that my brother would be the one to get killed over some glasses,’ said Latoreya Till, the victim’s sister.


‘My son worked for whatever he had whether it was his car, glasses, shoes, whatever. He worked for that and I feel you should do it, too. You don’t go out and take (somebody’s) life for a pair of glasses,’ Ford said.

‘Somebody out there knows this individual who did it,’ said Detroit Police Deputy Chief James Tolbert.

The murder at Fort and Cass now tops their priority list. They are confident it will not be long before the gunman slips up.

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