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It can be debated that the rap industry is either about lyricism, clever delivery and hot production or the money made from it. We know that the rap videos are largely reflections of a rapper’s bravado and paycheck–each video seemingly growing in the amount of cash being thrown around in the air, locations changed, stunts, etc. However, for the most part, a rapper’s income and/or worth has been somewhat elusive to the fans. Now, we get to take a look into the bank accounts of the 20 most wealthy rappers as compiled by Forbes. Let’s take a look at Hip-Hop Cash Kings


20. Lil Jon and Gucci Mane (tie)

Despite not releasing an album in the past year (Lil Jon) and despite being locked up for most of last year (Gucci Mane), these two have managed to still make more than most rappers. Both rappers are worth $5 Million.


19. T-Pain and Soulja Boy (tie)

Faheem Najm, known to the world as T-Pain, has been able to get himself on the list through the sales of his multi-platinum albums, multi-platinum hits penned for other artists, acting in movies and cartoons, ‘I Am T-Pain’ iPhone app and more. But he’s in a tie with DeAndre ‘Soulja Boy’ Way, the youngster who YouTubed his way to fame and fostered his sales through ringtones. These gentlemen bring in $6 Million dollars yearly.


18. Common

The Chicago native not only makes money through rapping but through his endorsements with Lincoln Navigator and Microsoft Zune as well as a booming acting career. Common is worth $7 Million dollars.


17. Young Jeezy, 50 Cent, Eminem (tie)

Young Jeezy, 50 Cent and Eminem all clock in at $8 Million dollars. 50 Cent has taken a tumble down the list since his $150 million days of yesteryear. Eminem may be the only rapper listed who has solely made money from rapping. In case you wondering how many albums one needs to sell to be that comfortable in rapping, the answer is 32 million or more.


16. Swizz Beatz and TI (tie)

While Swizz has been amassing his empire since the age of 16, TI has been raking in his earning as the King of the South since the early 2000s. These two recently married rappers bring in $9 Million.


15. Drake

After spending the days of his youth on Degrassi, the actor-turned-rap