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Jermaine Jackson said it perfectly. Chris Brown’s tribute to Michael Jackson was the one that we were all truly waiting for. However, due to obvious reasons BET, MTV, and other stations that put together tributes after the King of Pop’s death were hesitant to allow Chris to participate in any of their tributes immediately following Jackson’s death. It seemed as though the public had taken a vote, and decided that Chris Brown was both untouchable and unforgivable.

However, at the 2010 BET Awards, last night, Chris Brown got the long-overdue opportunity to pay homage to the man that so obviously influenced him. The Tappahannock native began his tribute by effortlessly mimicking some of MJ’s iconic dance moves, and although he sailed through the choreography beautifully, it was the end of his performance that has everyone talking.

While singing Michael Jackson’s song of redemption and self-reflection, “Man in the Mirror”, Brown broke down on stage. He could barely compose himself to finish the cover, and it touched audiences. Those tears that Chris Brown shed publicly resonated with audiences more deeply than any apology that he could utter.

Chris Brown has been through so much, and now that Chris Brown’s name has become synonymous with “great MJ tribute” as opposed to “Rihanna controversy”, it got us to thinking about other career-saving moments in pop culture history.

Check them out. 


Britney Spears went through a very rough patch, during which she hit various low points, including randomly shaving her head and losing custody of her children. Though it seemed like many people enjoyed watching her crash, Britney had many loyal fans who were rooting for her from the very beginning.

When MTV gave her an opportunity to make a comeback in 2007, fans were disappointed to see that Britney still hadn’t managed to pull it together completely.


Some people even began to doubt that she had it in her. Britney murdered all those doubts when she released her video for ‘Womanizer’, an incredibly catchy hit on her sixth album, Circus. 

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