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Well, now that we’re in to 2010, I can really look back and reflect on the amaaaazing year that was 2009. I started out strong. My first single ‘Give it To Me Right’ was released and getting a lot of buzz in the industry. But I couldn’t have been prepared, even if someone warned me, for what it really takes for a new artist to break.

Hard Work and No Sleep would be an understatement.

I lived on the road, out of my suitcase and literally was rarely in one city for more than 2 days. Radio promo is way serious!!! By that point,  my health was suffering and my stress levels at their highest… And all I can do is wait for THE MOMENT! The moment when you feel like your hard work is paying off, even slightly. Who knew that by the end of 2009, I would be celebrating the US release of my debut album, The Bridge, my first Grammy Nomination and a #1 record at Billboard for my second single ‘It Kills Me’.

Dreams Do Come True!!! In one short year – I have traveled the world, done some amazing things, met the most incredible people, and surpassed my own expectations. My motto to share with anyone who’s working towards something is ‘start strong, finish stronger’. Surround yourself with good people who have your best at heart, and want to see you win. The road is always gonna be filled with bumps, but believe in yourself and stay focused on the goal.

There is no such thing as luck…Only the point where hard work and opportunity meet.

Will you be ready at the crossroads?

Here’s to the journey of 2010!!

Much Love and Thanks for the Support



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