The Daily Grind Video

by Krystle Coleman

From the very moment we are brought into the world until death; we are constantly interacting with the “emotion” of “LOVE” introduced by its action as an infant we immediately start to experience the import and significance of “LOVE” which is demonstrate by our parents, family members and caregivers. Later on in life that sensation and priority of “LOVE” shifts from a feeling we have for our close knit family and friends to a certain individual….and in some cases more than one individual.  We forge ahead into the teenage years and then a fast approached adult life in search to fulfill that final conquest of “LOVE”.

This brings me to my “Blog Topic” today “Rekindling An Old Love Interest” allow me to paint a vivid picture of the “power” of “LOVE” and the wide “range” of actions that are associated with this “prevailing emotion” that cannot be defined by time, passing years or individual pressure. How many women in the past have “revived an old spark” or “recycled a previous relationship”?? Well trust me you don’t stand alone within this matter of Love and Lost. Between the ages of 16- 18 what do we as adolescents genuinely know about the real meaning of “LOVE???”……if you would have asked me in high school I would have meekly replied…NOT A DAMN thing….I mean sure I took to certain individuals but more accurately my feelings of endearment and “LOVE” at the time where geared towards, the latest name brands, prom finds, sneaking my “pager” in class and ways to shift around my parents “endless rules”. How was I to know that “my true” love could possibly be lurking in the hallways of my adolescence domain… how was I to determine back then that the world…might not have anything better to offer in the “BOYS” department, how was I to know that part of being a women includes experiencing the “waxes and wanes” of relationships…..How was I to conclude that I would be just as clueless in the “LOVE” department at 24 as I was at 18, and lastly how was I to know that college flings would be a “blur” soon after graduation…….the reality of the situation is I didn’t focus in the “LOVE” department during those years and to be honest you are not suppose to; our ignorance and neglect to “LOVE”  in our younger years is what shapes our adult memories, in additionto being a part of the living and learning process.

Allow me to re direct my focus a little more decisively as well as (PERSONALLY)…….. how many times do we have to fall in “LOVE” or bump into a old flame until we realize that we might keep conveniently bumping into this particular person for various reasons; one being that a “higher authority-(GOD)” might be trying to place that “special someone” directly in front of us in the physically form to remind you of “What could have been”, or because the promise and possibilities of “an old love interest” never truly die, and furthermore if given the opportunity again would you take it??  Would you even acknowledge that just maybe you could end up with your “high school sweetheart”? Trust me ladies it’s not a coincidence that during those unspoken ALONE moments your thoughts drift to someone from the past, even though at times we do this when things are not going so well within our personal lives, we still convert to this strategy because we “realize” that we might have had to take those “pointless” relationship journeys to lear