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What goes up, must come down. In the hyper-competitive world of hip-hop it’s hard not to come up on the losing end at least once. However, sometimes a rapper loses so badly that it changes the course of their career. Here’s a look at 12 rappers and the moments their careers changed.

Artist: Joe Budden

Moment: The Tahiry Saga

How It Changed His Career: Budden has been known to be an unstable person – he does have a series of mixtapes entitled Mood Muzik and an album titled Padded Room – but the drama with his ex-girlfriend brought him to another level of craziness, and had the entire internet clowning him. Budden is still a talented emcee, but for now, his personal life is overshadowing his music.


Artist: Charles Hamilton


How It Changed His Career: This was just one in a string of Ls for Charles Hamilton. His constant putting his foot in his mouth annoyed pretty much everyone, but getting punched in the face by his ex-girlfriend made him the butt of jokes for a long time. He got dropped from his label and went into exile. He’s managed to come back after a few months out of the spotlight, with his new single ‘Gauchos’ creating a buzz. Hopefully it will also be the remedy for recovery.


Artist: Ja Rule

Moment:  50 Cent Beef

How It Changed His Career:  Ja Rule dominated the airwaves for a good four years. A person couldn’t turn on the radio or BET or go outside without hearing Ja and his Murder INC crew. Then 50 Cent came around and ‘exposed’ him as a fraud and things haven’t been the same since. He’s tried to make a comeback a few times but nothing has really stuck.


Arist: Lil Flip

Moment: T.I. Beef

How It Changed His Career: T.I. claimed that Lil’ Flip dissed him and totally went off. Since then, Flip hasn’t really been heard from.


Artist: Jin 

Moment: Fight Klub battle with Sirius Jones.

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