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Teairra Mari the former Princess of the Roc, has been working hard at making her way back to the top of the music scene. Her hit song Sponsor is climbing up the charts and she’s still one of the most beautiful women in the game. I sat down with her in a dimly lit room, and got all up in her business. 

Teairra Mari‘s joint Sponsor is an ode to women getting money. Now if you think the song is talking about being dependent on a man you’re wrong. ‘The song is very sarcasitic and it’s very fun’ Teairra says before breaking into song, ‘my sponsor is Warner Bros.’ 

Teairra is also in the new movie ‘Lottery Ticket’ with Bow Wow and in our interview she addresses the rumors that she is dating Bow Wow. ‘Me and Bow have been friends before I did the movie so it’s only natural that we hang out’ Teairra says. 

Teairra also told me about catching this guy masturbating in the club and another one masturbating ‘Me and my friends saw this guy masturbating in the corner of a party’ Teairra tells, ‘we were like are you serious? C’mon Son!’