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Everyone who has ever sat in traffic has imagined a vehicle that can fly above traffic and relieve the rage that congestion causes. Well towards the end of 2010, China will begin construction on an innovative system that doesn’t exactly fly—but it’s close. The “3D Express Coach” is similar to a light-rail or above the ground subway, only much more futuristic. The system will straddle cars that drive below, while carrying passengers in the upper level. Not only will these buses run off electricity and solar energy, but they only cost 10% of what a subway system would cost. The buses can reach speeds up to 60 km/hr and transport 1200-1400 passengers at a time. There is also an alarm which alerts drivers who exceed 2 meters in height, and prevents oversized trucks from entering by emitting ultrasonic waves. With this new fiscally and environmentally responsible system China seems to be headed straight for the 22nd century. Maybe New York City will take a cue from the West soon…