Rihanna is hard working woman who makes her fans happy on a daily basis, but sometimes she needs to make herself happy too! The 24-year-old singer recently posted some pictures to her Instagram of her relaxing before she got on a jet to go on a getaway with her girls! PHOTOS: Rihanna Lays Gran Gran Dolly […]


We know you’ve been listening to that new Miguel LP and if you have not, you are missing out on that new flame in R&B.  The 24 year old singer from Los Angeles has written for Usher, Musiq and Asher Roth.  He also went on tour with Mary J. Blige and Jazmine Sullivan before his […]

I’m sure many of you have experienced the awkwardness of ‘hooking up’ with someone at work, but can you imagine how it might be if you hooked up with a co-worker at the College Humor studio? Well now you don’t have to wonder! Check out the video…

Maybe he doesn’t have his shirt on. Maybe his shorts are too short. One thing is for sure: this guy is hilarious. I’m sure many of us have had a dancing moment gone wrong, but this one is sure to sweep you off your feet (literally!). He was actually half decent to start out, but […]

So there is this couple right, who travels around the world in Storm Trooper mask doing the coolest things in the world. Cool things like swimming in lakes, doing sexy poses on the Bat Mobile and hiking. I personally do all my hiking free form but they were hiking boots.  These Storm Troopers are not […]


Yan Lu wastes no time and jabs right where the heart is with his innovative design piece “Poor Little Fish”.  The modern style glass basin sink is attached to a fish bowl with a Nemo-esque creature swirling around hoping for its life that people think twice about wasting running water.  With conservation in mind the […]

If you haven’t caught wind of the internet sensation Gloria Shuri Nava yet, here’s an introductory video star who’s gone viral from her famous makeup tutorials. Gloria also guest starred on Lopez Tonight to do the honor of giving the Chola touch to Sandra Bullock to bring a little gangster swagger into her groove.  Gloria […]


Edible business cards? Sounds like a dream come true to me. Lady Fortunes Edible Business Cards are an original twist to your normal, everyday business card. Instead of using paper, these business cards are graham crackers that are wrapped in Belgian white chocolate and decorated with a picture of the original business card design AND […]


Familiar with the phrase ‘taking matters into your own hands’? John Ivers definitely takes the cake for doing just that! Ever since riding his first roller coaster at eight-years-old, he was addicted to the thrill. The only downside to his love for coasters was the wait to get on them. After waiting hours to get […]

Some things are better done with no hands, like riding a unicycle and playing soccer to name a few. Then again, some things are meant to be done with hands as well, or so it seems. This next video brings a whole new definition to the phrase “Look ma, No hands!” Who knew a kiddy […]


I’m sure many of us, if not most of us, have at one point or another had that moment when they saw someone eating a banana and felt almost inclined to laugh. It might even have been a popsicle, a hot dog, or even an egg roll. Whatever it was, you’re definitely going to have […]


Everyone who has ever sat in traffic has imagined a vehicle that can fly above traffic and relieve the rage that congestion causes. Well towards the end of 2010, China will begin construction on an innovative system that doesn’t exactly fly—but it’s close. The “3D Express Coach” is similar to a light-rail or above the […]