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I’m back after taking some time out from blogging on here since I’ve had exams to complete and work to do. While I’ve been away things have been mostly quiet until I got back to find that once again T.I. had fallen foul of the law and he and his wife had been arrested on drug charges.

My first reaction was of surprise, with all the positive press he’s been getting lately and how he apparently turned his life around, recently getting married and painting himself a good person, it was somewhat unexpected to then here he had once again found himself in trouble. So, it begs the question: Why on earth does T.I. have such a problem with the law? and Why is he unable to stay out of trouble?

He claimed he learned his lesson after he was caught with enough ammunition to be ready for World War 3 not long ago, and was lucky enough to find himself with a more than lenient jail term as a result and surely now this latest controversy is a slap to the face of those that believed in him and trusted him not to get in more trouble. Better yet, why did his wife of all people allow him to do such a thing, knowing that her husband is on probation and another brush with the authorities being something that he needed to do his utmost to avoid. 

It’s a sad sight to see T.I. fall foul of authority when it seemed like all that had haunted him was now behind him and although this drug offence is perhaps not the worst of crimes, it is still illegal nonetheless and knew that all criminal activity needed to cease as part of his probation conditions.

I always find it a little suspicious when a police officer claims they smell marijuana from a vehicle and often feel it is used as an excuse to pull someone over just to do a search. But regardless TIP knew he should not have been caught in possession of this anyway. 

Maybe he has a constant need to disobey authority, perhaps he has a reckless streak that cannot be tamed or maybe he has a constant need to live on the edge, however minor it may be.

Whatever it is, one can always hope that he will one day mature and stay out of trouble. But it may be a little too much to ask for.