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The bad girls have returned. After a brief hiatus a new episode of Oxygen’s The Bad Girls Club has finally aired and we are here to give you the entire recap for episode six!

The girls take all their bad girl antics down to the Caribbean as they attempt to have an enjoyable vacation in Jamaican. Knowing these of course it wasn’t long before island life had the going a little crazy. Check out what the Bad Girls Club got into this week.



When the ladies touch down in Jamaica they take in the sights, and enjoy some local attractions like the Men of Steel. Of course these party girls make friends with these gentlemen, which results in some match making and really good fun for the ladies.



While the ladies are enjoying an evening with the men of steel, it is interrupted when Kristen gets into an argument with a local girl.  It’s a true bad girl battle as the local lets Kristen knows shes the ‘original bad girl’.



Because Kayleigh didn’t have Kristen’s back during her argument with the local Kristen goes off. Heading back to the house Kristen decides it’s time for Kayleigh to go and proceeds to throw all her stuff outside the house. This seems like the last straw for Kayleigh who decides to pack her stuff and leave.

Kayleigh wasn’t the only Bad Girl to leave Jamiaca. At the last minute Cat decides shes too classy to be associated with some of the ladies and makes a late night departure.

Can’t wait to see whats going to happen next week, now that Cat has left and the ladies are heading back to Miami! Stay tuned to the good, the band and the ugly of the bad girls club!