The Daily Grind Video

There’s something to be said about power.  We crave it.  We admire it.  It’s attractive, it’s sexy, and it’s inspiring.  Some people love it, some people deny the need for it and some hate on those who possess it.   Yes, there’s something to be said about power.   We all have the ability to be powerful.  It’s about choices, mixed with opportunities and accompanied with hard work.   We are a culture of creative and talented individuals who desperately need to reclaim our power. 

We have an enormous amount of financial and buying power, political power and creative power.   Sadly, we need to utilize it more often than we do.   We’re upon an election year.  How many of us are going to go out and cast a vote?  We are also approaching the holiday shopping season.  How many of us are going to purchase products and services made in the United States or even save more money than we spend to impress others?  Graduation is taking place all over the country early next year.  How many of us with children are ensuring that they attend college and pursue higher education so that they become the movers, shakers and decision makers of the future?   There’s something to be said about power.    

We are entrepreneurs.  We are innovators.  We have power.  We are powerful.  We need to use it.  

Reclaim your power and show someone else how to also.