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There’s a war going on outside and Chicago is the battle field. We cover many different stories on Global Grind that come out the Chi but this one struck me so hard that I think I may have hit my breaking point.

A young man by the name of Robert Freeman, a 13 year old from the 11500 block of South Perry Avenue in West Pullman who was doing what all 13 year old’s do, hanging out on hot summer night. But this night wasn’t your normal summer night hangout, this was the night young Robert Freeman met his end when a man jumped out of no where and started firing shots at Freeman and his friends and then stood over Freeman and began firing shot after shot into his bloody body. Now I ask, why?


Why did we have to lose another young man to violence? These are the stories that come across my desk that I can’t understand. I understand when terrorist try to bomb buildings and air planes, I get when people go crazy and they just snap under pressure because they can’t take in anymore, but this I just don’t get, because Robert Freeman was killed to an extent that someone wanted him permanently gone from this earth.

What’s sad is that we fall into the same cycle of violence everyday, it goes like this; some gets killed or murdered everybody sees what happens and NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING.

Even Freeman’s father said;‘My son was the only one got hit, I don’t understand how no one seen anything.’And that’s the part that gets me angry, our inability to do the right thing when someone gets hurt. Robert Freeman’s killer is still out there, he didn’t hesitate to kill a 13 year old so why would they hesitate to kill you? The really fucked up part is that police are saying that it’s was a case of mistaken identity, WTF?!??!, so Robert Freeman died because someone thought he was someone else?

Even if that was the case, what type of man kills a 13 year old to the extent that Robert Freeman was killed. Robert Freeman was shot 22 times, what 13 year old did something so horrendous that his faith deserved that? No one deserves something like that, this violence has to cease now or else we’ll wipe ourselves out.


I posted Robert Freeman’s story on my facebook page and one of my friends commented that ‘we should start taking it to the police because they don’t give a fuck about us’, I told him it’s not the police or cops fault, in fact, it’s our responsibility, this is our doing, we can’t put this one on the police this time, it’s time to stop killing ourselves. We have to lead these kids otherwise they end up like Robert Freeman or worse, they turn into his killer.

This is truly a sad story, as you watch the blood soaked spot where Robert Freeman was killed remember that a mother has lost a son and violence like this will never progress us as a generation, it will only impede us from realizing our true potential.

Robert Freeman was on the road to a great future but his potential was cut short, here was a young man who mowed lawns for pocket money and was an all around good kid, please don’t let his name die, Robert Freeman.

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