In the hip-hop world this species is alive and well. They’re also running wild in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and all other professional sporting associations. After attending college at the University of Miami where football and basketball groupies roam the campus like Tiger Woods scrapping for prostitutes, I couldn’t help but wonder what exactly it is that drives these women towards these men?

Throughout college I frequented the South Beach scene where celebrities could be partying next to you on any given night. Miami may seem like a big city, but when you go to the same clubs every week it makes a huge city seem like a small town. Faces become familiar and world-famous clubs can become routine and even boring on occasion. But one thing I did notice after going to these clubs every weekend was that the girls in the VIP sitting at the tables with these celebrities were the same few girls every week, no matter the celebrity.

Hmmm…what might these women be doing in order to get this treatment every week? Please tell me I’m wrong.




I think the mindset of a groupie should be broken down into the different opportunities they see when looking at these men—money, fame, self-importance and the pride they’ll feel through association. These all sound like characteristics any person-male or female would love to have, but the difference here is the length these women will go to achieve these goals.

Think about it, not all artists and athletes are the best-looking people on this planet. Honestly, some of them are straight nasty, but they still seem to be able to pull a large number of women because of who they are. I don’t get this. A dude has a lot of money and/or a recognizable face so this automatically makes him attractive whether or not he really is attractive? Maybe to some people…

I’m not saying a guy has to look like Lance Gross in order to get women, I’m just saying a guy should have some notable quality besides money and fame that attracts women to him-money and fame should not be the deciding factor.


A lot of guys go out looking for a woman and struggle to go home with anything at all, but it’s the complete opposite for these celebrities-they have options. The opportunity to be with a beautiful woman is always there and often gets in the way of the relationships and even the marriages of these artists and athletes.

For most men it would be hard to resist a beautiful woman throwing herself at you, and that’s what these women do, I’ve seen it.

I know groupies are what keep these industries going, it’s one reason some people even want fame at all, but for these women, you are not going to gain any of these guys’ respect by giving it all up ASAP. Do something noteworthy yourself, don’t rely on your man for pride and self-importance.

I’m not even going to try to understand the mind of the male groupie right now. I’ll save that for another blog… 


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