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When it comes to being a professional player in the media there are are some new conventions to follow that defy many of the traditional rules. With Obama coming on The View, Kanye West causing a buzz by joining twitter, Tom Cruise rousing up an entire culture of scientology really is testament to the cultural powers that celebrities hold and how they subconsciously affect our behaviors in very subliminal ways. 

Hollywood is no longer a self contained business and in a digital age where temporal and spatial boundaries seem almost limitless the extent ot which celebrities must engage with audiences has also evolved. From technology to politics and religion, we present the 10 rites of passages that celebrities go through in order to establish their throne in the industry and the extent of their influence in the lives of ordinary people.

1.  Major TV Show Appearances

Hosting SNL is like speaking at the UN of popular culture in America.  Once a star reaches the level of fame that can drive audiences to watch them have a monologue for 5 minutes is a true moment of distinction.  Saturday Night Live operates almost like an institution where being the host of it signifies a ceremony into the realm of the popular mainstream kingdom.  Betty White’s episode on SNL as well as other successful ones can catapult a star into a new plane of popularity.  The ability for a star to adapt to a live sketch comedy format regardless of the genre they specialize has the power to appeal to a widespread audience with a short attention span and this 88 and a half  year old woman nailed it on the spot.

The View has been surfacing as a new venue where major stars stop by for candid conversations in a room full of women.  Obama’s appearance on the show as the first standing president to appear on a morning talk show was a hot media commodity as well as a cultural pivot into a cross-street where entertainment and politics came together in casual media forms. 50 Cent also came on the view recently to discuss his past as a drug dealer promoting his upcoming movie ‘Twelve’


A man as hard as this appearing comfortable in such a foreign environment of 5 harmless but vulturistic women in one room gives off a sense of confidence that he can hold his own in any setting.  Whether it is on the streets, the white house, or daytime talk show cultural