Law enforcement officials are now saying that the mysterious daytime assassination of Brandon Woodard in New York City was the result of a drug deal gone wrong. PHOTOS: 411 On Brandon Lincoln Woodard, Midtown NYC Shooting Victim  With speculation that the shooting revolved around some type of drug-related issue, officials have pinpointed the actual events […]

New details are emerging about the law student assassinated in Midtown earlier this week, leading police to believe he was working as a drug courier. According to the Daily Mail, Brandon Lincoln Woodard was shot and killed execution-style after a large sum of money he was carrying was confiscated by police in California. The 31-year-old […]

Russell Simmons, like a lot of celebrities, doesn’t stick with one business venture, he branches out to do a little bit of everything. You’ll be able to see all the business Russell is apart of when his new show, ‘Running Russell Simmons,’ premieres on Oxygen, November 2 at 10/9c. One of Russell’s main charitable focuses […]

Having a baby is one of the greatest gifts in life and if you can look great while doing it then that makes it even better! These women looked gorgeous while carrying their babies and worked extra hard to get their amazing bodies back and drop the baby weight afterwards. Check out these photos of […]

Celebrity marriages are so glam and amazing and are usually a staple in high society culture, but even when celebs get married,they too, don’t know if their wedding bliss can withstand the groupies, busy schedules, and hectic careers. Sadly, til’death do us part isn’t necessarily the case for all celeb unions. The pressures of fame […]

GOT MILK? We know who does! The GOT MILK campaigns have been in and out of managzines that, have been pasted on billboards and viewed by millions. And I must confess, I am guilty of tearing my magazines apart and collecting a few, myself! This genuis campaign has gotten so many celebrities to participate – […]


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are a duo that never fails to wow the crowd and they have expanded their real estate ventures across the ocean.  On top of a $3.5 million mansion in New Orleans and another in Los Angeles they have added to their assets a magnificent palace of $40 million in the […]


Angelina Jolie is well known for her Philanthropic work throughout the world, whether it be Haiti, New Orleans or Africa when people around the world are stricken with disaster be assured Jolie will lend a helping hand any way she can. So it’s no surprise that the Academy Award winning actress paid a visit to flood victims […]

Here at Global Grind, we love looking into the past of some of our favorite celebrites. We gave you your favoite Pop Stars before they were famous, and your favorite rappers before they blew up. Now GG want to take in for a blast from the past. Here are your favorite leading ladies and gents […]

CELEBRITY COUPLES! You see them walking the red carpet and posing for pictures. You see them on the cover of magazines and evading the paparazzi. But very rarely do you get to see your favorite celeb couples in the comfort of their own homes, enjoying one anothers company, sharing intimate space and doing what any […]

  In today’s society, it’s common for most people to have tattoos. If you don’t have any, you’re the exception. However, what does your tattoos really say about you?   For some, tattoos are a form of self-expression. For others, they allow you to represent things that are important to you. We as a society […]


When it comes to being a professional player in the media there are are some new conventions to follow that defy many of the traditional rules. With Obama coming on The View, Kanye West causing a buzz by joining twitter, Tom Cruise rousing up an entire culture of scientology really is testament to the cultural […]