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Celebrity marriages are so glam and amazing and are usually a staple in high society culture, but even when celebs get married,they too, don’t know if their wedding bliss can withstand the groupies, busy schedules, and hectic careers.

Sadly, til’death do us part isn’t necessarily the case for all celeb unions. The pressures of fame and maintaining an image cause some celebritiy marriages to ultimately end sooner than the vows to last forever.

From over the top bachelor/bachelorette parties to multi-million dollar wedding receptions, celebs don’t hold back when celebrating a matrimonal union. But for some celebs it takes more than one trip down the aisle to get it right.

Celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Akon, Madonna, Swizz Beatz, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, The-Dream, and many other celebs heard wedding bells ringing more than once in their lifetime.

Check out the hottest celebs who’ve taken multiple trips down the aisle.



Pop princess Britney Spears heard wedding bells ringing during a trip to Vegas and she couldn’t resist the allure of Vegas’ wedding chapels, so Spears and her childhood friend Jason Alexander jumped the broom.  But just as quick as they got married, Spears got the marriage annulled no more than two days later.

Not too long after her Vegas wedding, Spears fell in love with dancer, Kevin Federline, and took another trip down the aisle. Hoping that this marriage would last longer than 55 hours (which it did) Britney tried marriage again. Unfortunately, this marriage didn’t last either and Spears filed for divorce only two years later. That was four years ago, and Spears has been enjoying the single life ever since. 





Self-proclaimed ‘hopeless romantic’ Jennifer Lopez searched high and low for the perfect husband, and after taking two trips down the aisle, and being engaged to tinseltown hunk Ben Affleck, J.Lo found her soulmate Marc Anthony. 

Jennifer’s romantic weddings started in 1997 with her first marriage to Cuban hottie, Ojani Noa. The marriage only lasted a year, but Jennifer kept up a good relationship with her ex-husband as she left him the manager of her restaurant ‘Madres.’

She then began a high profile relationship with mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, but after a few years the two grew apart. But Jen didn’t let love stop there as she married dancer, Cris Judd a year later.With all Jennifer’s fame and success, dancer Cris Judd couldn’t hang being in the shadows of his wife and the