This week, the iconic actress opened up about a rumored feud on set of 'Charlie's Angels.' Head inside for that and more.

RZA is making his debut as the Blacksmith in his new film The Man With The Iron Fists, which he wrote, produced and directed, but he didn’t do it all without the help of an A-list cast that includes the likes of Lucy Liu and Russell Crowe.  RZA has been garnering some serious buzz around the November […]

Who doesn’t love a good kung-fu flick? Robert Downey, Jr. Kung Fu Kicks His Drug Habit On His Way Into Marriage! From The Man With The Iron Fists to Kung Fu Panda, from Jet Li to Jaden Smith and RZA, we can all appreciate some kick-ass action over some popcorn and candy. With so many pulse-pounding films to choose from, comes a host […]

Fashion’s version of the Oscars was a great success last night as a bevvy of beauties took to the purple carpet and the stage of the CFDA Fashion Awards. The looks were varied and glamorous and it was difficult to discern who was best dressed but we’ll try! First up, we loved The Olsen Twins […]

Being in the entertainment industry requires constant transformation and reinvention of oneself. If not for a role, celebrities are forever changing their appearance to update their look. One of the easiest ways to do this is to opt for a new hairdo! Celebrites have access to the best stylists and most of the time the […]

Jimmy McMillan‘s message and political party ‘Rent is too damn high‘ has everyone buzzing right now, but that’s not the only thing that’s got everyone talking. We already have our Ten Burning Questions for the governor. This man not only has a deep passion for what he stands for. Rent is too damn high, that […]

Celebrity marriages are so glam and amazing and are usually a staple in high society culture, but even when celebs get married,they too, don’t know if their wedding bliss can withstand the groupies, busy schedules, and hectic careers. Sadly, til’death do us part isn’t necessarily the case for all celeb unions. The pressures of fame […]

Twitter helps us keep track of our friends, news, and our favorite celebrities. But thanks to twitpic, twitter is much more than just 140 characters. A picture is worth a thousand words after all, right? Some of our favorite twitpics at Global Grind today come from celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and her soon to be […]


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are a duo that never fails to wow the crowd and they have expanded their real estate ventures across the ocean.  On top of a $3.5 million mansion in New Orleans and another in Los Angeles they have added to their assets a magnificent palace of $40 million in the […]

Here at Global Grind, we love looking into the past of some of our favorite celebrites. We gave you your favoite Pop Stars before they were famous, and your favorite rappers before they blew up. Now GG want to take in for a blast from the past. Here are your favorite leading ladies and gents […]

CELEBRITY COUPLES! You see them walking the red carpet and posing for pictures. You see them on the cover of magazines and evading the paparazzi. But very rarely do you get to see your favorite celeb couples in the comfort of their own homes, enjoying one anothers company, sharing intimate space and doing what any […]