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Jimmy McMillan‘s message and political party ‘Rent is too damn high‘ has everyone buzzing right now, but that’s not the only thing that’s got everyone talking. We already have our Ten Burning Questions for the governor.

This man not only has a deep passion for what he stands for. Rent is too damn high, that is something to stand for, just saying, but we digress. If you haven’t seen a photo of Jimmy McMillan yet you are missing out!

Jimmy McMillan definitely takes attention to detail when it comes to his facial hair. McMillan carefully has his grey sideburns flow into his mustache to give the appearance of the ‘handle bar mustache.’ You can’t forget to add his puffy goatee, a double goatee if you will with a part in the middle.

There have been many other famous and crazy facial hair moments. An example, famous: Hulk Hogan and Mos Def. Crazy: Joaquin Phoenix and Brad Pitt (sometimes, he can land on both.)

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