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Young Money groupie, Kat Stacks, did an interview and spoke on child services being called to her home, and her decision not to expose Fabolous.

‘Yeah, I’m not airing him out though,’ Kat told Angela Yee. ‘Nah, he’s a nice guy, he’s cool, so he’s good in my book. He just tries to be funny on Twitter talking about ‘Thank God I did not put Kat Stacks in my ‘Body Ya’ video.’ Well that last video, I was pissed off because Jae Millz had called child services on me because he’s the only one who knows my real address so I knew it was him. So I got pissed off and I started writing it on Twitter and then my account got suspended so I just called World Star Hip Hop and said I want to make another video and give this motherf*cker’s address out since they was trying to take my child away…I’ve heard they got a price out for my head, I’ve already moved so if anything happens to me they’ll know who to go to first.’

Fabolous tweeted that he almost put Kat Stacks in the ‘Body Ya’ video stating: