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Webster’s dictionary defines a mobile phone as an ‘electronic device’ used for mobile telecommunication, text messages, data transmission, emails, and more. Now allow me to translate into layman’s term; a CELLPHONE in today’s society, is used as your connection to the outside world.

It’s the confusion starter, the ground breaker, the deal maker, the distance component, and lastly the number one single-handed object that we cannot live without on day-to-day bases. A cell phone is the universal language in matters of love, hate, and trust. Case and point when it comes to communication devices such as mobile phones and relationship. I can’t help but wonder, are “Cell Phones” a friend or a foe?

Ladies I have a question for you, have you ever taken time out to realize the “long lived” drama that follows behind the usage of cell phones? Cellular devices create a great deal of ‘dissension’ into our homes, workplaces, and most importantly our personal RELATIONSHIPS!! The immediate grief, disappointment, frustration, and that element of surprise that follows from something as small as a mobile phone are massive in terms of aftermath.

I can’t help but YELL out in laughter periodically while developing this particular blog, as it touches home in a very personal way. Both myself and my close counterparts have all experienced …….a ‘significant’ other feeling the URGENT need to thumb through call logs, recent outgoing messages, text message conversations, and dare I say……in some cases even going as far as researching your entire phone bill records. I mean this activity is BIZARRE!!! What is it in the human mind that creates such an uproar in emotions that ‘one’ feels the need to invade someone’s personal privacy through mass media messages?

In addition to the rapid break ups, short-term separations, and overall involvement for indulging in infidelity behaviours, allows me to further justify the power cell phones have making the entire strategy of ‘human interaction’ with the opposite sex invisible. Ladies we have allowed ourselves to get so far removed from day to day affection. Such as, a hug, kiss, flowers, and special notes around the house. Instead we are settling for thoughtless gestures through a text message!! I mean are we really settling for a ‘come downstairs’ or ‘come outside’ text message in order to meet up with our significant other. IS THIS A INVITATION for a romantic, enticing date or a meeting of two people who barely know each other?!…..
The social phenomenon behind ‘cell phones’ varies from one extreme to another, the magnetic power it holds over the ‘human’ mind is massive….you can do everything from sending a X rated picture to breaking up with your mate all through a simple ‘CLICK’ of a few buttons! ‘SMS’ messages all play a major role when it comes to ‘scouting’  ‘evidence’ to use against your significant other in
matters of ‘CHEATING’!!

My close friends and I discuss the ‘influence’ cellular devices have and how often we revisit a ‘argument’ with a old boyfriend as a result of a ‘TEXT message’ or a inappropriate late night phone call from someone.

In conclusion, when it comes to the ‘Dynamics’ surrounding a cell phone; it can make or BREAK a relationship the new AGE of trust in a relationship exist in something as rare and mediocre as a communi