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Let’s face it. I could care less about who wins the NBA Finals, and the majority of the women reading this agree with me. I only tune into the games for three reasons:

1. My Twitter timeline is filled with updates about the game anyway, so I might as well tune in.

2. When in conversation with a real-life guy that I’m attracted to, it’s nice to be able to talk about the things that interest him. Since I like black guys, nine times out of ten, they’re more than a little interested in basketball. No racist.

3. There is guaranteed to be some sexiness running around on that court.

I may not know, or care about, their stats, who they used to play for, or even what their first name is (who needs first names when the last names are printed on jerseys), but the second I sit down to watch four, 12-minute quarters of grown men chasing a Spalding ball up and down a court, the only thing I can think is, “He’s cute.”

It’s the last game of the 2010 NBA Finals, so ladies, for your viewing pleasure, here’s a list of six of the sexiest men playing in the NBA Finals this year. Enjoy.


Ray Allen – #20 – Boston Celtics

Two words: Jesus. Shuttlesworth. He Got Game is possibly one of Spike Lee’s best movies, and the fact that Ray Allen played one of the main characters boosted his attractiveness for life. After confidence and intelligence, being multi-talented is the sexiest quality ever. Not only is Ray Allen good on the court, but he pulled off his first acting role like he’d been training for years. Him running around getting sweaty is just a plus.


Kobe Bryant – #24 – Los Angeles Lakers

Kobe is one of those people that is either loved or hated. There is no in between, middle ground, or gray area. However, I’m sure there are a multitude of women who will be eyeing him lustfully as they watch tonight’s game, even if they think he might steal candy from babies just for laughs. Women are attracted to power, and being one of the best basketball players of all time, definitely makes Kobe powerful. Uncomfortably sexual comments from females, ensue.


Kevin Garnett – #5 – Boston Celtics

One of my life goals is to attend a Celtics game, just to hear Kevin Garnett swear in person. Never has a foul mouth seemed more sexy. It’s not that KG wakes up in the morning super-angry, he’s just passionate about what he does, which definitely solidifies his spot on this list.


Shannon Brown – #12 – Los Angeles Lakers

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